Saturday, August 8, 2009

Amish Sweet Dill Pickles

Hi Jocelyn -

Here is the zucchini pickles that you wanted. Elizabeth gave it to me. She says that she likes it with cucumbers instead of zucchini. I can see no difference and I can grow zucchini easily. Cucumbers are a lot more work.

Amish Sweet Dill Pickles

Bring to a boil: 3 Cups sugar, 2 Tablespoons salt, 2 Cups vinegar (I used apple cider vinegar), 2 Cups water.

Place in each pint jar (about 4 pint jars): sliced cucumbers or zucchini,

1 whole garlic clove, 1 dill sprig (1 teaspoon of dill weed is about the same as 4 dill sprigs)

Pour liquid into jars. Seal. Process about 15 minutes in steam canner.

These are better if eaten next month.
Love – Grandma


Brent and I visited Grandpa and Grandma when we were in Provo and Grandma made us a very tasty lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches (with mustard), potato salad, and these delicious pickles. Now I just need a garden!

Well, we didn't quite make it as the Robertson Family Singers: let's see how we do with cooking...