Monday, June 27, 2011

Frozen Fruit Ring for Punch

This is a recipe from Nancy Morelock. And of course, her rings were BEAUTIFUL.

12 oz Frozen Raspberry or cranraspberry punch/juice concentrate
Mix up per directions. Fill up 1/3 of ring with juice.*
2 pkg frozen berry mix (*Can place some of this fruit in the ring with the juice above)
3 lemons
3 limes
Grapes (green or red, I like green)
White Grape Juice Concentrate (Mix with 3 cans water)
2 Liter bottle of 7UP

Carefully peel lemons and limes in spiral shape being careful not to break as much as possible.
Coil the peels into flowers. You can choose either edge to be the top. Place the 6 flowers around the frozen ring. Slice the nectarine and place between the flowers. Pour more of the frozen berry mix around the flowers and on the ice ring. Carefully pour more of the juice over the fruit, about another 1/3 of the ring. Freeze. Then pour the rest of the juice (and if you want more of the fruit) in the rest of the ring and freeze.

Make the punch with the white grape juice concentrate, water and 7UP before serving. Take ice ring out of freezer and place in hot water in sink until just loosened from the ring. Put the ring in the punch bowl. VOILA

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